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Far be it from him to air his dirty laundry in public. But let’s face it, the little solid soap, the star product of zero-waste consumption, has a lot more going for it than its cousin, the gel soap! What are its qualities? O’Naturalis lists the advantages of choosing solid soap.

O’ it’s economical!

Small in size, but big in efficiency: that’s a definition that fits it like a (toilet) glove! Easier to dose than gel soap, it lasts much longer. In the end, this makes it much less expensive than the famous liquid soap.

O’ it’s clean!

Compared with industrial versions containing chemical components with unpronounceable names, soaps produced by cold saponification contain only natural ingredients, carefully chosen to respect all skin types, whether oily, sensitive or reactive.

O’ it’s ecological!

Speaking of zero waste… No more plastic containers, wrapped in a protective layer of plastic and transported in cartons filled with frigolite or bubble wrap. When you buy a solid soap, you buy a soap, a tiny cardboard box… and that’s it!

How does zero waste work at O’Naturalis?

On paper, solid soap wins the battle hands down. But, as you may have guessed, our new-generation “Mr. Clean” will only be truly immaculate if his production also seeks to meet ecological challenges. At O’Naturalis, we take care to reduce waste at every stage in the production of our soaps. How?

  • By working with suppliers who also take care to reduce their packaging as much as possible;
  • By reducing the energy consumption of our manufacturing process;
  • By offering soaps packaged in biodegradable or recyclable containers;
  • By reusing manufacturing waste to make samples, for example;
  • By committing to the COSMOS certification process, which guarantees consumers a high-quality product in terms of both composition and environmental impact.

O’ the zero waste plan!

Extend the zero-waste experience at home… Has your favorite soap reached the end of its life? Collect the “leftovers” in our sisal pouch and enjoy every last gram!

One, two, three, ready? Soap up!

If you’re not yet equipped, discover our full range here!

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