Vegetable exfoliating loofah sponge


O’Naturalis exfoliating loofah sponge for naturally soft skin

Treat your skin to natural softness with our 100% biodegradable vegetable loofah exfoliating sponge from O’Naturalis. A gift from nature to gently exfoliate, invigorate and leave your skin radiant.
Opt for eco-friendly beauty and say goodbye to synthetic sponges!

The loofah exfoliating sponge is the ideal complement to our natural sea sponge. Together, they offer your skin a complete exfoliation and cleansing routine. Ready for a zero-waste beauty ritual?


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Rediscover natural beauty with our vegetable exfoliating loofah sponge

The biodegradable vegetable loofah sponge is a must-have for natural body exfoliation.

A member of the Cucurbitaceae family, like squash and cucumber, loofah is an easy-to-grow climbing plant that needs plenty of sunshine and little irrigation.
The loofah fruit is picked when ripe and then dried. The skin and seeds are removed, leaving only the fibers. And so it becomes this 100% natural, biodegradable vegetable sponge, which can be used like a horsehair glove.

Product features :

  • Composition: 100% natural loofah fibers
  • Durability: 4 to 6 months with proper care (depending on use)
  • Use: Body and face
  • With a small cord for easy hanging

Why choose our loofah sponge?

Our biodegradable vegetable loofah sponge is the secret weapon for intense body exfoliation. Unlike our sea sponge, which provides light exfoliation, our loofah sponge offers deeper exfoliation to reveal radiant skin.
Together, they form the perfect duo for a complete skincare routine. What’s more, they’re both 100% natural and biodegradable, in line with a zero-waste philosophy.

Virtues of loofah :

The loofah sponge offers a multitude of benefits for the skin. As well as being an excellent exfoliant for the body, it promotes blood and lymph circulation, helps combat cellulite and orange peel skin, helps keep skin looking young, gives skin a luminous, satin finish and fights blackheads.
Between waxing or shaving, the loofah vegetable exfoliating sponge will help prevent the risk of ingrown hairs.
Your loofah sponge will also make your solid soap lather to perfection.

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100% natural loofah fibres

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    1. Moisten your vegetable loofah exfoliating sponge.
    2. Apply your solid soap to your sponge.
    3. Start by using the sea sponge for a light daily exfoliation.
    4. Rinse with cool water to close the pores or lukewarm water to relax the body.

Our natural sponges offer a complete routine for soft, clean, revitalised skin.

Try our biodegradable vegetable loofah sponge, used once or twice a week, and our natural sea sponge, used daily, for a zero-waste beauty routine with optimum results for your skin!

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