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  • O'Arni, soothing arnica balm, by O'Naturalis

    O’Arni, soothing arnica balm

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  • O'Bart, nourishing and styling beard balm, by O'Naturalis

    O’Bart – Nourishing and styling beard balm

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  • O'Clock, anti-aging serum with Damask rose absolute

    O’Clock – Anti-aging serum with rose hip oil

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  • O'Doudou, moisturizing cream for delicate skin

    O’Doudou – Moisturizing cream for delicate skin

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  • O'Dulcea, moisturizing face cream with orange blossom and bergamot

    O’Dulcea – Radiant face moisturizer

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  • O'Joba, serum for blemished or acne-prone skin

    O’Joba, serum for blemished skin

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  • O'Panard, moisturizing cream for burnout feet

    O’Panard – Refreshing cream for burnt-out feet

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  • O'Silky Santalwood, white sandalwood aftershave serum

    O’Silky Santalwood, aftershave serum with white sandalwood

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  • O'Silky, fresh aftershave serum, mint/lemon

    O’Silky, fresh aftershave serum

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Frequently asked questions

  • Where can you find your products?

    Nous avons une liste de points de vente. Vous en trouverez peut-être un près de chez vous. Ou rendez-vous sur notre page boutique : nous livrons gratuitement en Belgique, aux Pays-Bas, en Allemagne, en France et au Luxembourg, pour toute commande de minimum 35 € (en Belgique, France, Allemagne, au Luxembourg et aux Pays-Bas). Si vous êtes un commerçant et que vous souhaitez vendre nos produits, nous sommes à la recherche de points de vente.

  • Are your cosmetics ORGANIC?

    14 of our products are certified organic (COSMOS ORGANIC, certified by Cosmécert according to Cosmos standards). 2 are COSMOS NATURAL certified (both honey soaps, because we decided to buy local, and there's no organic honey in Belgium). Other products are in the process of being certified. We only work with ORGANIC oils, butters and essential oils.

  • Is your production truly artisanal?

    Ah! Well, come and see the state of our hands, you'll understand... Yes, everything is handmade. Our products are handmade in our own laboratory. They are also hand-packed. The little handcuffs of the members of our small team are put to the test to serve you as well as possible... ;-)

  • What is your delivery time?

    From Monday to Friday (except public holidays and annual vacations), if your order reaches us before noon, it will be processed the same day; otherwise, it will be processed on the next working day. If you have your order delivered in Belgium, please allow two working days for delivery (for neighboring countries, it may take a little longer). You will receive a notification from the carrier, as well as a tracking link.

  • Are your products tested and inspected?

    Of course! This is a legal requirement. Our formulas, raw materials and labels are checked by a toxicologist. And we have our new products tested by a panel of testers before they go on sale. The pH of our products is systematically checked for each batch.

  • Do you test on animals?

    Ah! No ! We love them too much. We prefer to test on our children... ;-) On a more serious note: animal testing is forbidden, both on finished products and on the raw materials used. Besides, they're not the ones who'll be using our cosmetics...

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