Olive oil soap: what are its benefits and how to recognize a quality oil?

O'Naturalis : Blog article Olive oil soap: what are its benefits and how to recognize a quality oil?

Olive oil is one of the basic ingredients in O’Naturalis soaps. Its health benefits have been known for centuries! Today, we explain why olive oil is also a leading product in natural cosmetics and why you should include olive oil soap in your skincare routine.

What exactly is olive oil?

Simply the result of crushing the olives. After being cleaned and stripped of their leaves, the fruit is crushed and then slowly mixed in a cold process. It is this mechanism that enables the juice to be created. A decanter then removes the pits from the mixture, enabling the juice to be clarified, i.e. to separate the water from the oil. No colorants, no preservatives, no chemicals: it’s 100% natural.

The different types of olive oil

There are many types of olive oil, and even if their composition remains natural, some are much richer than others.

  • Extra-virgin olive oil : unrefined, with little or no acidity, it tastes and smells amazing.
  • Virgin olive oil: unrefined like the first, it is a little more acidic, which can sometimes alter its taste and smell. As its acidity is higher, its active ingredients are slightly altered.
  • Olive oil: refined and unfortunately odorless, colorless and tasteless. As it is, it is unfit for consumption, so some people add a percentage of virgin olive oil for flavor…
  • Olive pomace oil : also refined, this is the result of crushing olive pits. Like its predecessor, it is colorless, odorless and tasteless unless a little virgin olive oil is added.

Added to this are various manufacturing processes which again influence the quality of the oil: cold-pressed or cold-extracted. Organic or not. From a first pressing/cold extraction or a second cycle, that of revision. We agree, it’s not easy to find your way around…

But who really is the Queen in the land of olive oils?

If you had to choose just one of the above-mentioned varieties, organic extra-virgin olive oil obtained by first cold pressing is undoubtedly the best option. This manufacturing process, which is becoming increasingly rare, guarantees superior quality and ensures that its virtues remain intact.

How does O’Naturalis work?

To preserve all their many benefits, we have chosen to work only with organic extra virgin olive oils from first cold pressing. And we guarantee it: sensitive skin will love it.

Why choose olive oil soap?

Used in cold-saponified soap, olive oil has many benefits for dry, sensitive skin:

  • Olive oil is nourishing: thanks to its vitamin E content, it deeply nourishes dry skin and hair while adding shine. Big advantage: it also prolongs the life of hair colors!
  • Olive oil is antioxidant: it protects against external aggressions and preserves the youthfulness of our skin cells. It helps maintain elasticity, fights the signs of aging and treats certain skin disorders such as eczema.
  • Olive oil is healing and antibacterial: the chlorophyll contained in olive oil helps heal minor blemishes and imperfections on the face and scalp, while preventing the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Olive oil is moisturizing: rich in oleic acid, it hydrates skin and hair without leaving a greasy film.
  • Olive oil is gentle: it works wonders on even the most sensitive skin.

Which soaps in the O’Naturalis range contain olive oil?

Among the range of O’Naturalis soaps made from olive oil, we recommend you try O’Rami olive oil and bay laurel oil soap. In this version, the benefits of the two oils combine and reinforce each other for soft, healthy skin.

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