How to care for baby’s skin naturally?

O'Naturalis : Blog article How to care for baby’s skin naturally?

To have skin as soft as a baby’s… It’s everyone’s dream! But make no mistake: no expression has ever been more wrong than this one. Our children’s skin is particularly fragile and deserves special attention. To take care of them, say hello to natural oils!

Which oils to choose? Which soaps to choose? Which treatments to choose? We tell you everything 😉

Our little ones have fragile skin!

That’s right! The skin of our little wonders is ultra-vulnerable. The cause? A very thin dermis and epidermis, and glands that are not yet operational. The result: up to the age of 3, our children’s skin is sensitive, permeable and prone to daily attacks. But contrary to popular belief, using too many baby cosmetics or taking preventive measures to build up a strong protective barrier is completely unnecessary, and even dangerous for some. To preserve our babies’ skin, it’s best to simply… give it time to regulate itself.

How do I take care of my baby on a daily basis?

Above all, we observe! Baby-wearing friction, weather influences, milk crud, diaper rash, baby acne, fever, teething, excess saliva lodging in neck folds… All these events are not considered skin problems, but inevitably contribute to making the skin even more fragile. The golden rule is to adopt good daily habits: a regular but quick bath, in water that’s not too hot, and cold-saponified soap without essential oils or perfumes.

What kind of baby soap should I use every day?

Simply a soap made with natural plant oils! They have the enormous advantage of letting the skin breathe, allowing baby to self-regulate his temperature. They are also rich in nutrients, need no additives to work effectively, and provide deep nourishment for the skin. Provided the vegetable oils are pure, virgin and correctly used for soap creation. If these three indicators are met, you’re on your way to a natural miracle skin care product that’s free of heavy metals, pesticides and solvents!

Which vegetable oils to choose?

For the little ones, the vegetable oil should be light and easily absorbed through the tiny pores of their skin. And the less fragrant it is, the better!

Our absolute favorite? Olive oil mixed with calendula macerate. The best of the best in skincare for children… and mothers-to-be! Calendula brings softness, nourishes without leaving a greasy film, regenerates, soothes, treats patches, erythema and dermatitis and, in some infants, calms colic. What a life! Young parents in distress? Discover our O’Cali soap!

Our intergenerational oil? Bay laurel oil. Purifying, astringent and disinfectant, it is suitable for all ages and perfect for dry skin suffering from psoriasis or eczema. Our O’Rami soap is sure to work wonders on your baby’s skin 😉

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