Calendula, a magical flower for skin care

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You’ve no doubt already read its little name in the composition of your favorite natural remedies. And with good reason: calendula has many virtues for the body and is now used in a wide range of preparations, oils, creams, ointments… and cosmetics! A look back at its origins, its history and its many assets.

What exactly is calendula?

Calendula is a genus of some twenty herbaceous plants, including the one we’re using for cosmetics: Calendula Officinalis L. Better known as “marigold”, it’s an orange-yellow sun-shaped flower native to the Mediterranean. Easy to care for and extremely hardy, it sows itself with the wind and has quickly conquered all the temperate zones of the world. Sometimes called the “bride of the sun”, calendula Officinalis L. draws its beauty from its similarity to the latter, whose daily rhythm it follows.

Although the flower originated centuries ago, its medicinal and cosmetic appeal dates back to the Middle Ages when it began to be cultivated on a larger scale to counteract ringworm on the scalp, treat intestinal disorders, heal wounds, relieve insect bites or snake bites and even lighten hair!

The benefits of calendula for skin and hair

For over 1,000 years, calendula has been one of nature’s best-known wellness allies. In cosmetics, it is most often used in the form of an oily macerate, i.e. a concentration of flowers infused in vegetable oil. Contrary to popular belief, it’s impossible to create calendula oil, so we use it as a macerate in a solid soap or cream.

Calendula soap for toddlers

Cradle cap, diaper rash, infant eczema… If you’re a young parent, these little skin concerns have become part of your daily routine. By regularly treating your baby’s skin with calendula, whose regenerating and softening properties have been proven, these inconveniences will soon be a thing of the past… for both you and your baby!

Useful against acne, eczema and infections

Because calendula flower is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, it will be particularly loved by so-called “reactive” skins, i.e. those prone to eczema, psoriasis, warts or acne. Thanks to its high concentration of flavonoids, it deeply cleanses the skin’s pores and builds new, healthy tissue to repair damaged areas. Calendula is therefore also particularly recommended for infected wounds.

Are you prone to varicose veins? Try calendula!

It stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation and facilitates venous return. In the case of varicose veins, heavy legs or over-exertion in sports, calendula works wonders to cleanse any waste products circulating in the blood. Don’t overlook the effects of a “simple soap”: daily use of a solid calendula soap can really save you from painful aches and pains.

Burns and dryness? S.O.S. calendula!

A sunburn, a kitchen burn or dehydrated skin? Yes, calendula can help again! Its soothing properties enable skin to regenerate rapidly and regain its natural suppleness.

What about hair?

Calendula macerate is also recommended for treating itchy scalps and combating hair loss. Particularly stimulating, flowers will revive dull, damaged lengths, restore shine to dull hair and tone tired ends. Want to lighten your hair for summer? Our ancestors already used calendula – why shouldn’t you?

What if I want to make my own calendula macerate at home?

It’s possible and child’s play. You will need :

  • 1L organic vegetable oil of your choice (just make sure it doesn’t go rancid too quickly, otherwise your macerate will be in the garbage can after just a few weeks).
  • 300gr dried calendula flowers (you can also dry your own fresh flowers in a large, well-ventilated basket)
  • A large, empty, sterilized, dry jar.

Place the flowers in the jar, cover with oil and close with a cloth and rubber band. Place the jar in a warm place or in the sun for one month and enjoy the magic of your homemade macerate!

Where does O’Naturalis calendula macerate come from?

From home! 😊 We’ve become such fans of the crazy properties of this little flower that we decided, a few months ago, to embark on the “homemade” adventure. We don’t yet grow our own flowers, but use dried calendula officinalis flowers from organic farming, infused in first cold-pressed organic extra-virgin olive oil. And to make sure our magic potion stays fresh, we add a touch of vitamin E, a powerful natural antioxidant. That’s all there is to it!

Making our own macerate means we can be sure of the origin of our products and maintain consistency in our soap recipes. An olive oil macerate will never have the same consistency or hold as a sunflower oil macerate, for example.

Our star calendula soap

O’Cali of course! This gentle calendula solid soap is ideal for daily skin care, but will be particularly appreciated by expectant mothers and babies. With no added essential oils or fragrances, it will care for even the most sensitive skin, protect it from the sun or cold and prolong your beautiful tan.

Pssssst! Our minds and our lab are working at full speed right now to concoct new products based on homemade calendula macerate! Stay tuned 😉

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