8 reasons to switch to solid cosmetics

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Did you know that you can replace all the liquid cosmetics in your bathroom with their solid version? Yes, even your toothpaste! We can see your eyes widen in astonishment and we can already hear the questions running through your head… Rest assured, at O’Naturalis, we know all about solid cosmetics and they have nothing but benefits! Discover with us the 8 good reasons to switch to solid cosmetics. But be warned… after reading this article, you’ll never go back!

1. Solid cosmetics are environmentally friendly…

This is undoubtedly the first reason that will sway your heart as a consumer aware of the current issues surrounding waste management. Since they are no longer in liquid form, solid cosmetics no longer need a plastic bottle, pump or cap to keep them fresh. So we’re getting rid of all the synthetic bottles cluttering up our bathroom; with solid cosmetics, it’s all about bulk, zero waste and minimalist compostable packaging.

One less big source of pollution! It takes around 1.9 kg of crude oil to manufacture 1 kg of PET, the material most often used for cosmetic bottles, and the process releases a large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. We might as well avoid this packaging whenever possible…

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2. … and economical!

Because, contrary to popular belief, “green” doesn’t necessarily mean “higher prices”. The big advantage of solid cosmetics is that they can be used down to the last crumb, since no container will hold the last milliliters of your shampoo or shower gel. Imagine how much time you’ll save when you don’t have to squeeze the toothpaste tube with all your might, only to end up ripping it open, dipping your toothbrush in and getting your fingers full of it, just to get an extra round of brushing…

The recipes for solid cosmetics are also quite different from those of their liquid cousins. For example, solid cosmetics generally ban expensive additives and preservatives from their formulas, and use very little water. These products have fewer ingredients and a more concentrated formula, so you’ll need less product for the same effectiveness. In short, we don’t need to spell it out for you: the profitability of solid cosmetics has been proven!

3. Natural ingredients

The big advantage of solid cosmetics is that they’re… solid! As a result, their manufacturing recipes do not require the addition of any preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers or thickeners generally appreciated in liquid cosmetics.

At O’Naturalis, the composition of our cosmetics is deliberately kept to a strict minimum, i.e. we create our recipes from products strictly necessary for the proper use of our soaps. With us, no more endocrine disruptors, sulfates, chemical preservatives, parabens, synthetic colorants or perfumes. We also make a point of ensuring that all our essential oils and vegetable butters are organic, and that the other ingredients are 100% natural and mostly of local origin.

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4. Effective cosmetics!

Take the time to turn over your shower gel bottle and decipher the label. You’ll soon realize that your product is mostly water – sometimes as much as 80%!(Read our article on the subject here). And this is essential if it is to be preserved in its liquid state. For you, this means you’re buying a product that may only contain 20% active formula. Solid cosmetics use very little water. They are concentrated and therefore ultra-effective.

5. They’re easy to take anywhere

Do you travel a lot? Wonderful! Solid cosmetics are for you. Because they’re small, compact, super-easy to pack in a suitcase and, above all, not liquid, they go everywhere, even through airport checkpoints. The other huge advantage is that with solid cosmetics, you’ll never again have that problem we’ve all had: the bottle of shampoo that dripped onto all our clothes in our luggage. A real pleasure! And that, let’s be honest, can save your vacation.

6. Minimalist to the max!

Not only do they fit in every bag and suitcase pocket, but they’re also superbly discreet once they’re installed in your home. And thanks to our magnetic soap dishes, your cosmetics can also be placed on your shower enclosures, freeing up space elsewhere and amusing children who will enjoy using them.

7. Solid cosmetics for the whole family…

While expectant mothers and babies should avoid essential oils as much as possible and opt for neutral soaps, for the rest of the family solid cosmetics are ideal for everyone and are completely unisex. Another great ecological and economic advantage, since the whole family can use the same soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc., without any particular problems.

Want to find out more about specific skin care products for babies? This way!

8. … And for all uses

Maybe we should have started here… But in the end, we thought it would spur you on to read this article all the way to the end! Soap, shampoo, conditioner – every cosmetic you use every day can be adapted to a solid version. At O’Naturalis, we offer a complete range of solid soaps, shampoos and conditioners. And as our creativity is always on the boil, we’re currently working on the development of various balms, a make-up remover, a deodorant, a mosquito repellent and much more.

Let’s keep in touch so we can tell you first about all our new creations!

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